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SENARCO’S Nano Activ’s technology has the ability in effectively improve fuel efficiency, reducing scuffing, friction and wear between the moving parts in an engine due to the existence of the Nanodiamond additive which is acting as a nanoscale ball bearings between approaching surfaces. The nanodiamond particles additive also plays an important role in boosting the thermal conductivity of lubricants which is acting as a heat protector to the engine, preventing it from being overheated while optimizing the performance of your vehicle and protecting it from costly premature wear.

Thus, using diamond nano-lube oil in your engine enhances and extends the service life of your vehicle, improves fuel efficiency and boosts fuel savings.

Rolling Effect

Protective Film

Mending Effect

Polishing Effect


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  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Enhance Horsepower
  • Prolonged engine life heat protector
  • Reduce Friction & Self Repair