This is a full synthetic lubricant based ultra fuel economy synthetic engine oil formulated with excellent performance synthetic base stocks and a precisely balanced component additive system to meet the demanding requirements in terms of resistance to oxidation oil thickening and the formation of sludge in the engine. It offers maximum protection in severe climate and driving conditions. Increased engine efficiency and improved fuel economy.



SENARCO “NanoActiv” introduced nanotechnology to the motorsports in F1, NASCAR & WRC, and many other professional and amateur races with its “NanoActiv” series of engine oils and gear oils.

“NanoActiv” technology is developed to enhance the lubricity of engine oils. Under boundary lubrication conditions when the boundary films failed, solid nano additives can improves the tribological properties of the sliding contact surfaces, carries the load and acts as back-up lubricating films.

“NanoActiv” is certainly an excellent candidats for traditional lubricant additives, especially under severe frictional conditions of high temperature, high load and high sliding speed. Its remarkable performance in increasing thermal conductivity of lubricant had thereby reduced the heat build-up and improved the fuel efficiency of the automotive engines.


– Reduce Friction and Self Repair

– Improving Fuel Economy

– Prolonged Engine Life Heat Protector


  • API: SP
  • ACEA: C2-16
  • GM: dexos2™
  • MB: 229.51
  • BMW: Approval LONGLIFE-04
  • VW: 505.01
  • ILSAC GF-6
  • ACEA: C3-16
  • MB: 229.31
  • MB: Approval 229.52
  • VW: 505.00