This is a full synthetic lubricant based ultra fuel economy synthetic engine oil formulated with excellent performance synthetic base stocks and a precisely balanced component additive system to meet the demanding requirements in terms of resistance to oxidation oil thickening and the formation of sludge in the engine. It offers maximum protection in severe climate and driving conditions. Increased engine efficiency and improved fuel economy.



This oil is designed for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with extended drain intervals. Specially developed for energy conserving gasoline engines. Ultimate cold starting performance. Fuel economy. Minimum exhaust emissions and maximum engine protection.



Total engine protection : Excellent resistance to oil degradation and unsurpassed wear and sludge protection

Fuel economy : Enhanced fuel economy with a corresponding reduction in emissions

Cold start : Outstanding low temperature capabilities and thermal and oxidation stability



Thanks to its low viscosity and outstanding fluidity this oil significantly reduces wear and ensures fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions. Optimized additive package reduces soot and deposits and keeps the engine clean.



  • API: SP
  • ACEA: C3-16
  • MB: 226.5
  • PORSCHE: A40
  • VW: Approval 505 01
  • FIAT: 9.55535-S2
  • RENAULT: RN 0700
  • GM: dexos2™
  • MB: 229.31
  • VW: Approval 505 00
  • FIAT: 9.55535-GH2
  • FORD: WSS-M2C917-A
  • RENAULT: RN 0710