Senarco’s Story

The engine of your vehicle is what your heart is to you. A steady heart is crucial for anyone who enjoys a supercharged lifestyle.

Shifting life into full gear largely depends on the food you eat. Likewise, your automobile’s engine needs the right ‘nutrients’ for it to perform at its full capacity.

At Senarco, we take pride in bringing you the most advanced technology in performance engine oils, designed for extraordinary driving experience with the best fuel economy.

More power, more mileage, longer engine life and less repair. The best mate our vehicle will ever find.

Getting ahead is made easy with Senarco.


Senarco envisions to be a world leader in the sphere of motor oils. Committed to delivering the most advanced cutting-edge technology in automotive performance lubricants.


Forged by a dynamic team of automotive enthusiasts with decades of experience and expertise in the world of lubricants.

We are on a mission to bridge the market gap that lacks affordable yet premium quality engine oils. 


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Senarco Inc.

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SEA Master License:

Tamsen Resources Sdn Bhd
Lot 825 S/L 1,2,3,13,14,15
Jalan Subang 6,
Taman Industri Subang Penaga,
47620 Subang Jaya


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Shriro Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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Section 51A
Petaling Jaya