This is a semi synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected highly refined base oils. This oil is suitable for the lubrication of all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and vans, equipped with direct fuel injection. Its low ash formulation is supplemented with an additional anti-oxidant, delivering outstanding performance and long service life. Meets the API SP specification for gasoline engines with extended oil drain intervals.



This oil is used in Diesel engines direct injection and high performance gasoline engines. Allows extended oil drain intervals.



Total engine protection : outstanding engine cleanliness and durability.

Cold start : very good fluidity at low temperature.

Drain interval extension : longer oil drain interval.



This oil is formulated with synthetic components and selected additives, which guarantee very good engine protection and outstanding cleanliness. Thanks to its stable viscosity and strong anti-oxidation properties, it contributes to extended drain intervals.


Specification Level
ACEA A3/B4-08
ACEA A3/B3-10
MB 229.1
MB 226.5
MB 229.3
VW 502 00
VW 505 00